NANDA cabinet, available in two versions and different sizes (PHOTO: H170). Design by Serena Confalonieri




Nanda is the first piece of the Parvati storage collection, designed by Serena Confalonieri for Medulum. The word Parvati, in Indian mythology, means “daughters of the mountains”: Nanda, Uma and Aparna are some of these deities who give their names to the pieces in the collection. The name Parvati, however, also identifies another very important figure, the bride of Shiva, the deity of marriage, to whom Indian women pay homage by wearing precious gold nose rings. This decorative element with a strong symbolic value becomes central to the collection: infact we see at the center of Nanda cabinet a large brass handle that resembles the shapes of these jewels. Common features of the Nanda cabinet and the other pieces in the collection are also the use of brightly colored woods, with contrasted grains, and also vibrant and multicolored textures. These textures deliberately refer to the psychedelic culture of the 60s, a time when numerous artists traveled through the Indian regions to immerse themselves in this multifaceted culture, and then mixing it with the western one to create masterpieces in musical and artistic fields. Furnishing elements made with veneers applied to a curved plywood shell. The essence of the wood used for the outside is of a red tonality, while the inner one is blue. Extra-light glass shelves are placed inside the Nanda cabinet. Nanda’s accessories such as the supportive legs, door hinges and doorknob, are made of polished, brass-plated metal and give this cabinet the appearance of a precious jewel.

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100 x 44 x H140 cm (chest drawer), 100 x 44 x H170 cm (cabinet)


1 x top Ø 32 cm + 4 tops Ø 40 cm


Blue Ash, Polished Brass, Red Caleido wood, Red Tanganyka


Approximately 6 weeks


Approximately 6 weeks




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