We create feelings

Welcome to VIRAQUA

If you are looking for contemporary, modern and unique designs, you are then at the right place.

VIRAQUA is your go-to home furnishing firm, based in Melbourne. We provide premium quality, luxurious and bespoke Italian furniture and unparalleled bathroom concepts that really speak to you and your guests. All of our products are supplied by leading Italian & European manufacturers and are exceptionally designed to improve the look and feel of your home.

Our Mission

We at VIRAQUA want you gaping in awe each time you step into your regal space. To make this happen, we have not only partnered with the best Italian and European home product makers, but also offer our keen eyes for details and love for interior design. We will assist you in identifying the right matching pieces that turn your home into a dream location. Get ready for innovative ideas and unsurpassed services!

The Vision

VIRAQUA is here to be your quality promoter. It is our goal to be the leading firm in Australia for everything quality in the supply of luxurious Italian and European home products.

The Difference

BEING the DIFFERENCE. To achieve our mission in bringing feelings to each home in Australia, VIRAQUA is here not only to provide top of the line Italian and European products, but to satisfy your every need through exceptional customer service. We want to understand you and know how to serve you better. At VIRAQUA, it’s all about¬†you.