AGATHA 3, coffee table 80 x 80 x H50 cm in brass structure with three different cast resin tops (PHOTO: three round tops Ø 32 Caramel, Rose and Pea green)

The most recent capsule collection reflects the use of transparent materials as well as a deeper exploration of what transparency can mean in art and design. Inspired by the Minimalism’s simplified volumes, retro-futuristic experimentation of Space Age design and the eye-bending patterns of Optical Art, Draga & Aurel have brilliantly synthesised these varied influences to build an all-new collection, entirely fabricated by hand in their Como atelier. Working with coloured resin, bronze, brass, cast glass and vintage furniture in an inspired mineral palette, the duo has designed all-new seating, tables, lighting, bookshelves, desks and room dividers that span both indoor and outdoor.

The AGATHA 3 coffee tables are featured by irregular circular tops of transparent and colourful resin sit on a bronze frame with a staggered placement, inspired by clusters of wildflowers. The tabletops’ process of creating requires a special technique of casting resin entirely made by hand in the Draga & Aurel laboratory of Como. Playing with vibrant colour combinations, also incorporating any random mistakes and accidents, the material is melted into several layers creating fluid, deep, unique table tops. The structure in bronze is made by casting. Thanks to a handcrafted, artistic process the coffee tables are featured by a special matte effect in earth-coloured.

NOTE: * The digital samples are purely indicative.
Our DRAGA & AUREL products are customisable and available in different finishes, so please feel free to contact us for any enquiry, we are happy to help you!

Additional information


80 x 80 x H50 cm


1 x top Ø 32 cm + 2 tops Ø 40 cm, 2 x tops Ø 32 cm + 1 top Ø 40 cm, 3 x tops Ø 32 cm

FINISH Top / Seating

Cast resin – in all colours


Bronze Brass


Approximately 8 weeks


Approximately 6 weeks




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AGATHA 3 - Centre table