JUTA tailor-made wall panel, available in two different finishes (PHOTO: Bronze). Design by Laura Meroni




Laura Meroni products stand out for the research of innovative surface textures and the 3D Wall Panels represent the best example of this feature.  Their effort is to bring a distinctive design not only to the product shapes, but above all on its surface, thanks to a perfect combination of creativity, a precise materials treatment, and a skilful manufacturing technique.

3d wall panels add a new element to the perception of the product value. The beauty and uniqueness of the design are not only visible, but you can feel it: it is an invitation to use your tactile sense and to perceive with your own hands the unrepeatability of the surface. 3d wall panels allow architects and designer to create spectacular wall claddings.

Made-to-measure wooden wall panels with “JUTA” texture available in the precious finishes in liquid bronze or tin metal.

The “JUTA” wall panel is designed to satisfy the most demanding customers, looking for an elegant and highly effective solution for covering the walls of sophisticated environments. The “liquid metal” finish covers and impregnates the jute and cotton patchwork which is applied on the raw wood panel, with an always different direction. This particular technique enhances the surface of the boiserie and represents its distinctive feature. Thanks to its elegance, the “JUTA” wall covering adapts perfectly to different environments making them sophisticated and unique.

NOTE: All our LAURA MERONI products are customisable and available in different finishes, so please feel free to contact us for any enquiry, we are happy to help you!

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JUTA Bronze, JUTA Tin


Approximately 11 weeks


Approximately 6 weeks




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