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TAO freestanding washbasin Ø47 x H86 cm, available in different marble finishes (PHOTO: Onice Bianco). Design by Marco Piva




For high-end profile bathrooms, Kreoo marble washbasins transform this millenary material into a protagonist of contemporary design. The use of avant-garde technologies, combined with fine manual finishing generates extraordinary shapes, with thin thicknesses, organic sinuosity and unique design features, as the exclusive Kreoo finish, a velvety sensation on the surface. Countertop sinks in marble are inspired by nature and influenced by a Zen minimalism, combined with any bathroom environment and possibly matched with other Kreoo products (easels, trays and shelves) working for both residential or contract environments. Graceful and monumental shapes feature also freestanding models, created in cooperation with designers, intended for the bathrooms of prestigious private homes or even luxury hotels: authentic works of art for an unparalleled lifestyle.

A sculptural, elegant, clean shape. TAO free-standing washbasin, designed for Kreoo by Marco Piva, expresses the strength running through matter. A strong, graphic design, which reflects marble’s intrinsic dynamism. Metal inserts emphasise the washbasins’ sculptural shape along its entire length and diameter, framing in the exquisite and unique geometries of the natural material. Tao’s essential design draws upon the “Yin and Yang” Taoist philosophy, involving the juxtaposition of bright and dark, full and empty spaces, lightness and heaviness, light and shadow, opposites that meet, in harmony. The metal insert is not only a beautiful design feature, but adds to the functionality of production. The sectioning of the washbasin allows TAO to be carved from multiple small blocks of marble, reducing the waste of material.

Conceived as free-standing, TAO is also available as countertop washbasin.


NOTE: Every single product is of natural origin, with different features from slab to slab, bringing unique, irreproducible and unpredictable features. Therefore, differences in tone and veins, between the samples and the actual supply are meant to be considered natural and intrinsic peculiarities of the product. Tap not included!


All our KREOO products are customisable and available in different finishes, so please feel free to contact us for any enquiry, we are happy to help you!

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Ø47 x H86 cm


Bianco del Re – Marble, Calacatta Carrara – Marble, Calacatta Classico, Grigio Persia – Marble, Grigio St. Marie – Marble, NERO MARQUINA (S01) – marble, Nero Portoro, Onice Bianco- Marble, Verde Imperiale, Verde Ming – Marble




180 Kg


Approximately 5 weeks


Approximately 6 weeks




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