WAVE bathtub, available in different sizes and in different finishes (PHOTO: Nero Marquina). Design by Makro Design

Line of under-mount bathtubs with a rectangular inner base integrated in an expanded polystyrene structure (EPS). Adding EPS compensation panels, it is possible to create made-to-measure bathtubs both in terms of shape and in terms of outer size. Wave can be clad with traditional construction materials (such as mosaics, ceramic, porcelain stoneware), resin, or with the standard range of claddings including glass, CorianĀ®, Makril, thermo-treated wood, cement and marble. The tub is available in three sizes: small, medium and large.

All our MAKRO products are customisable and available in in several configurations and different finishes, consisting of technically integrated bathtubs, washbasins, cabinets, mirrors with different series of shower trays, so please feel free to contact us for any enquiry, we are happy to help you!

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L: 190 x 100 x H50 cm, L: 190 x 95 x H50 cm, L: 200 x 105 x H50 cm, M: 175 x 80 x H50 cm, M: 180 x 80 x H50 cm, M: 180 x 90 x H50 cm, S: 160 x 65 x H50 cm, S: 160 x 70 x H50 cm, S: 170 x 70 x H50 cm, S: 170 x 75 x H50 cm, S: 170 x 80 x H50 cm

FINISH Top / Seating

Back-painted glass, Bianco Carrara – marble, Nero Marquina – Marble


Approximately 8 weeks


Approximately 6 weeks




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